Thursday, March 27, 2008

500,000 hits in 365 Days for Katie Reider

katie reider

project goal.
The goal of this project is to link 500,000 people within 365 days to We want to connect people to singer songwriter Katie Reider’s character, wit, personality, genuine talent and soul, as she continues her ongoing battle with a myofibroblastic inflammation tumor.

Katie has something about her, which ignites when performing on stage. She truly connects to other people. She is the real deal, a true gift to those who know her and a personality with genuine talent. In the music industry, it's rare that fans can connect to the performer on a personal level.

This entire project will be internet based. After logging into the website, the user will meet Katie Reider. We will be producing a 3-5 min video trailer of Katie from the last 10 years, that will be posted on this website and youtube promoting the campaign. Next we will need to sum up the purpose of the project by talking a bit about this story and where proceeds are going. Let’s please keep in mind that we don’t want to focus on her battle as much as really help to connect people to the project. It’s not a pity party, it’s a cool concept for the greater good.

The action is to then give your $1.00 gift to the cause in exchange for Katie’s gift. We are only asking for a $1 contribution that will grant the user access to download a collection of 8 original songs Katie’s performed over the last 10 years. This is not a purchase, but an exchange. When you give, you receive!

100% of the proceeds go to Katie Reider’s 365-Day Benefit Fund. We believe this will not only connect people to Katie, but will reconnect Katie to her ever-growing audience, even if she is not on stage doing what she loves to do right now. We want everyone to have a chance to get to know Katie, as she continues her ongoing battle with this difficult journey. Let’s help Katie to continue to reach, inspire and perform
for new fans, young and old.

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