Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Band Spotlight - April/May 2008 - The Customs

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The Customs, 1978

In 1978, most Rock & Roll fans in Cincinnati were too pre-occupied with the recent national success of local boys-done-good Pure Prairie League to give much thought to the bands that were festering in the city’s basements. Luckily those festering bands were upholding the polyvinyl chloride Rosetta Stone testaments of Rock & Roll handed down by prophets like The Wailers and Orangie Ray Hubbard. Armed with a bottle of Paramount gin, and a fist full of pills, they set out to loosen the stranglehold on American Rock & Roll by Sgt. Pepper. THE CUSTOMS were one of those bands. "The loudest, drunkest, most Obnoxious Rock & Roll band in the city...fronted by a "singer" with the vocal ability of the local Greyhound bus dispatcher." That’s how the esteemed Cincinnati press referred to THE KUSTOMS( with the original capitol K), and I guess it was meant as a dig but that sounds like a mighty high praise...if your heroes were The Sonics, and Little Vic. Led by post-DMZ/pre-LYRES Peter Greenberg, he sought the company of those equally guilty in the pursuit of rare B-sides to round out the initial line-up of Carson/Greenberg/Heil/Rosenthal in late "78.

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