Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Artist of the Month - June 2008 - Kelly Thomas & The Fabulous Pickups

kelly Thomas & The Pickups

Kelly's a sister-girl. Talk to her for five minutes and she'll have gleaned your deepest secrets, summed up your love life and put you to work at the door for one of her gigs. Her animated, thought-a-second style of interaction is evidence of an overflowing plate.

Working full time as a social worker, it might seem logical to call her music a side gig, but that's hardly an apt description. She organizes the Rivertown Music Club (which she began with her old band, Second Sister), a regular showcase at various local venues featuring a spectrum of artists, including her own act, Kelly Thomas & the Fabulous Pick-ups. (source- City Beat, 5.31.06)

Kelly Thomas & The Fabulous Pickups - Website

Kelly Thomas- Vocals, cute shoes
Sharon Udoh- Keyboards, Vocals
Jerry Hedge- Pedal Steel
Jeff Boling "J-Bling"- Guitar
John "Flathead" Beddinghaus- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Chris "Hipshot" Perrault- Bass
Paulie Ellis- Drums

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