Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interview with Nancy Josephson from The Angel Band

June 5, 2008

Interview by Scott Preston

angel band, nancy josephsonAngel Band makes big noise. Loud noise. Boisterous, sad, sweet, goofy, glorious and angelic. Any which way you look at it this stuff gets your attention. Whether it’s the crazy tight three part harmony, the killer backup playing, the stories, the passion or the compassion, it gets your attention. The songs on this album are mostly self-penned, weaving vivid images, powerful lyrics, musical integrity and “chops” to write home about. The core of the band is held by the three singers: Nancy Josephson, Jen Schonwald and Kathleen Weber. All are experienced on lead and backup vocals. The love of the sound that three female voices make together is at the center of this group. The chord rules the day. Both mystical and elemental when the three hit “it” the hair on the back of your neck’s gonna stand up. (from

Cincy Groove: How did the three of you end up getting together?

Nancy Josephson: This particular lineup has been together for about a year and a half. Angel Band started about 3 years ago. As things shifted in the lineup, the group got stronger and stronger until finally we have this group. I found Jen through a friend of ours Gene Shay, who is a local folk radio icon who has a show on Folk Alley and has been in Philadelphia for forever. He suggested Jen and she came on board 2 1/2 years ago. Kathleen joined up about 1 1/2 years ago. Kathleen came to our attention when Jen was doing a studio session somewhere and the engineer suggested her. We were auditioning a ton of people and we were feeling really bad. It was almost like Spinal Tap, where the drummer kept exploding, that kind of happened with us trying to find that 3rd singer. Kathleen was the last singer we auditioned.

angel band

Cincy Groove: Is the new cd ready?

Nancy Josephson: The new cd has just been released on May 27th. It is really good, it was produced by Lloyd Maines. It was an unbelievable experience working with him. He has produced groups like the Dixie Chicks and is a great musician. He plays pedal steel guitar and mandolin all over our cd. We are all really proud of it.

Cincy Groove: How long did it take to record the new cd?

Nancy Josephson: Well we worked on it in July and August of last year. The actual recording part pf the process took about 10 days. We were really ready to get things going, by the time we got all the tunes picked out we already knew the timing of the tracks. We had everything really, really tight. Of course Lloyd comes in and changes just about everything (laughing). That being said he really tightened up arrangements and made it all sound really good.

angel band, nancy josephsonCincy Groove: I know the three ladies in Angel Band do the singing, who else performs with The Angel Band?

Nancy Josephson: We have David (Bromberg) who plays guitar, pedal steel and dobro, Bobby Tangrea plays mandolin, guitar and fiddle, we have a fiddle player named Nate Grower, Bob Taylor plays bass. We also had some extra added attractions, we had this guy Bukka Allen playing accordion , which was the coolest thing ever. We also have this kid Johnny Lippincott sit in from time to time.

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